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The Abruzzo region situated in the center of the Italian peninsula, is an ideal bridge between the North and the South of Italy, and is one of the most diverse regions as it offers the sea, mountains and hills. It is the green heart of Italy, and the European Park Region. It is therefore magical and inviting and has great credentials from the historical, cultural, tourist and economic points of view.

It is a slice of territory that stretches along 129 kilometres of beach areas from the Tronto River to the Trigno River and has some the cleanest water along the Adriatic Coast.

Its landscape varies from hilly areas, known for their famous vineyards which give names to famous wines such as Montepulciano and Cerasuolo, to mountains areas covered by thick woods. The Central Apennine area is in the Abruzzo with the highest mountains beine the Gran Sasso, the Maiella, the Velino and the Sirente. Under the Gran Sasso there is a nuclear physics laboratory where international research is carried out. There is also the Telespazio Center in the Marsica area, a center for telecommunications that permits world satellite connections by using parabolic antennas.

The Abruzzo Region is also history, art and spirituality; it is a constellation of different and fascinating places, that are complementary to each other and which offer the tourist a network of sights to be seen. There are many archaeological areas dating back to the Italic and Roman periods: the wonderful religious architectural masterpieces such as medieval churches and abbeys in the isolated country areas, the castles and the guard towers, the monuments and the treasures of art that all come together in the major cities as well as in the smaller towns, perfect miniatures, which have jealously safeguarded the memory of a past of great civilization. An antique history with a slow pace, that let itself be guided by rapid development, but which did not forget the past as one can see from the representations of the moments of life which include civil and social history that still take place today.